A brief history and a summary of the most beneficial functionalities

Cornerstone is a proprietary software of the independent software vendor camLine GmbH. The software has a long tradition reaching back to the year 1991. It primarily is designed for engineers in research and development or in manufacturing who need a tool for applied statistics. Cornerstone has a special focus on the fields of Analyses by Regression, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), quality control (control charts, process capability), and Design of Experiments (DoE).

Cornerstone has one of its strengths in its ability that analyses are presented and recorded graphically in the form of a calculation graph (the so-called Workmaps). The structures of the calculation graph can be saved in conjunction with the data and thus are reusable with similar data to perform the same analyses with refreshed or new data in the same structure. The software interactively combines all created objects in a logical execution sequence (live linking). That allows to actively connect the results and affect selections in all corresponding visualizations. In addition, changes in data get propagated to all dependent analyses and graphics.

This product retrospective gives a brief summary of the history of Cornerstone and provides an overview of the most beneficial functionalities easing statistical tasks at hand for every engineer.

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