InFrame Synapse Equipment Conector

camLine’s Equipment-Connector provides a powerful interface for easy to use equipment integration

Based on the implementation of the widely used SEMI PV2 standard (including SECS/GEM) for photovoltaic equipment integration, the well-established Equipment-Connector has been extended by the following SEMI standards: E39, E87 and E90. These standards are subsumed and referred to as GEM 300. GEM 300 contains all the new features necessary to cope with the equipment integration challenges arising in manufacturing sites producing wafers with a diameter of 300 mm and more. This is the first Equipment-Connector release supporting GEM 300.

Easy integration:

  • Easy to use through configuration, no special SECS/GEM knowledge required
  • GEM 300 basic version plus software modules according SEMI process model
  • Mapping and transformation of raw data in different MES compatible data formats
  • Supports all common PLC product suites including Soft PLC architecture
  • Unifies your equipment communication – by configuring standard software
  • Two layered approach: minimizes load on your PLC
  • Simplification of interface landscape during planning, rollout & documentation
  • Interface description documentation is generated automatically during the configuration
  • Reduction of maintenance effort and costs by using SEMI standardized interfaces


InFrame Synapse Equipment-Connector (EQC) is easy to use even for non SECS/GEM experts. It allows equipment providers and plant automation managers to supply their equipment with a SECS/GEM compliant interface with minimal effort. No detailed knowledge about the underlying protocols is required. The configuration and documentation is easily done with a single Excel spreadsheet: PLC function blocks, configuration, and documentation are created by the click of a button.



The SECS/GEM standard allows a highly flexible process data recording. All details of the SEMI GEM 300 compliant process data recording are entirely handled by EQC. The PLC just needs to send the relevant process data and alarms to EQC.


PLCs and PCs

All major PLC products are supported; other PLC products can be integrated on request. The configuration of EQC is the same for all PLC types. EQC also supports equipment which are not controlled by a PLC but a PC. For Windows and Linux, libraries for C and C++ are available. All major compilers are supported.


No impact

EQC is separated in two layers: One layer runs as PLC FBs that are specifically designed to impact the performance of your PLC as little as possible: Process data or alarms are just sent without any processing or transformation. The second layer is implemented as a standard PC application that does all the processing required by SEMI GEM 300 or the other optional MES interfaces.



Besides supporting SEMI SECS/GEM & SEMI PV2 standard for the semiconductor industry, IQC now supports other types of MES interfaces on request. Currently available are storing process data in all major database types and various XML types.



  • Cost savings by flexible support options. Based on experience, customer picks only the required support options
  • Support with SEMI related issues during the requirements phase
  • Hands on workshop: setup working demo on customer hardware
  • Support during the project
  • Support during commissioning
  • Worldwide onsite support and training
  • Conception and implementation of customer specific solutions

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