LineWorks SDC

Solution for detecting defects

Effective statistical methods to detect defects on wafers: This add-on module for LineWorks SPACE provides SDC (Statistical Defect Control), an integrated fab-wide solution for detecting defects on (silicon) wafers.

LineWorks SDC closes the gap between statistical process control and analyses of spatial signatures. With SDC multiple SPC strategies are available to control critical defect classes with normalized defect density (NDD) charts. Trend and pareto analyses, control limit calculations, tool matching, corrective actions and advanced SPC methods such as moving median are leveraged to take measures against killer defects. The integrated platform synchronizes an embedded wafer map with the selected sample in the SPC chart. Operators and engineers of wafer makers, hard disc manufacturers, and chip makers can re-use their SPACE expertise and need less time for for recurring defect and root cause analyses.

Key Features:

  • Embedded wafer map synchronized with selected SPC chart sample
  • Manage & group critical defect classes for NDD calculation by inspection step
  • Integrated control limit calculation for normalized defect density
  • Leverage advanced SPC functionality (EWMA, moving median) to control critical defects
  • Parser for industry standard scan/review result files
  • Supports patterned and unpatterned wafers
  • Defect & metrology data integrated in one system
  • Fab-wide solution for all operators and engineers
  • Based on industry-leading SPACE platform
  • CA workflows with eCAP
  • MES integration option


  • Save time and money by detecting and addressing killer defects with multiple Statistical Process Control (SPC) strategies
  • High defect visibility through automated detection
  • Detect defects faster with recurring defect and root cause analyses

Highlights of Release 1.0.1:

  • The KLArf parser now supports unpatterned wafers, defect lists and summary lists
  • Wafers can now be visualized using the Gallery representation where each wafer is drawn separately on a grid layout

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