Electronic Corrective Action Plan

This add-on module for LineWorks SPACE provides a workflow for electronic Corrective Actions Plan (eCAP) to ensure compliance with quality, process, and your individual business regulations.

Process experts use a graphical designer to specify corrective action workflows that are triggered by measured
data and enforce real-time decisions and precise actions of the operators or process engineers respectively. All
executed work steps are recorded to guarantee full audit trail. The workflow supports escalation strategies that
reduce expert workload. It guides operators efficiently through best practice procedures. eCAP improves process
security. The history of all taken corrective measures and their success states enable improved process know-how.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step guidance through corrective action workflow for operators
  • Automated decisions based on Unified Expression Language (EL)
  • Web-based operator interface
  • Dashboard for monitoring
  • Graphical workflow designer
  • Handling of re-measurement scenarios
  • Progress history providing audit trail records for decisions, data entries, and action success status
  • Lookup measurement data in LineWorks SPACE
  • eCAP link from and to OCC point in LineWorks SPACE chart
  • Escalation timer
LineWorks SPACE eCAP


  • Fast problem resolution through precise, real-time, automated decision-making
  • Improved compliance via a full audit trail enabled by recording of all executed work steps
  • Reduced workload through automated workflows that support escalation strategies
  • Straightforward guidance through best-practice procedures for operators
  • Easy integration and implementation of fully and semi automated workflows across the entire manufacturing process (value stream)
  • Improved process security
  • Constantly evolving insight into best practice through historical record of actions taken and their outcome

Highlights of Release 2.3:

  • Support for SPACE 7
  • 50 Customer Fields
  • eCAP-Runtime iGate extension
  • SPACE Navigator/Monitor eCAP Plug-in
  • eCAP Designer Plug-in
  • DB-Scheme with scripting capability on each task node

Highlights of Release 3:

  • eCAP-Forks
  • Remeasurement new features, 2nd refactoring
  • New actions: Set Tag, Reset Moving Charts, Get raw values
  • Action “Lookup Samples” with improved time conditions
  • On SetCA, call SPACE-Listener directly

Admin tool (eCAP Designer)

  • Design eCAP flow with an admin GUI
  • Flow updates generate new versions
  • Special action handlers and integration adapter for LineWorks SPACE

Runtime tool

  • Web based environment with LineWorks iGate
  • Test mode for new eCAP’s before releasing to production
  • Full history of every eCAP
  • Access control for eCAP also on node level
  • Guide end user through eCAP
  • Enforce end user input
  • Decisions based on end user input

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