LineWorks SPISE++

Rule compliant capture of data for entry into LineWorks SPACE

LineWorks SPISE++ is a Web-based user interface for LineWorks SPACE that allows you to manually or semi-manually capture data for entry into LineWorks SPACE (SPC).

SPISE++ enables SPC administrators to create suitable operator interfaces that allow validation and/or restriction of the input value; neither programming work or extra IT support is required. In lieu thereof, all user interfaces are solely generated by configuration and are adaptable to fit into the organization. Offering an almost completely configurable automatized procedure for web-based input interfaces, SPC administrators concentrate their efforts on specifying the requirements, i.e., what data and data arrangements are needed for the requested data analyses in SPACE.

Key Features:

  • Linkage to SPACE LDS key context
  • Support streaming of measurement values from serial port or files to online web page
  • Customize or hide unnecessary form input fields
  • Online validation of user inputs against logical limits and data formats
  • Configurable sample size and verify minimum sample size
  • Tagging of remarks and images as user guide during data collection
  • Specify selectable key values
  • LineWorks SPACE built-in features such as flagging, grouping and CA feedback
  • Integration with LineWorks iGate for LineWorks SPISE++ interface selection
  • Specify collection frequency for periodical data collection
  • Plug-in integration with MES for lot query
  • Multilevel user authorization for each interface
  • Multilevel national language support


  • Fab-wide solution that ensures data completeness
  • Increased operator productivity/efficiency
  • Enhanced data quality through automation of error-prone manual tasks
  • Automated customization for user-interfaces, enabling maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Highlights of Release 3.2:

  • Mouseless navigation interface with hot key configuration
  • Touch interface for mobile device usage
  • Customize context key layout for each interface
  • Ease of toggle between input and setup of an interface

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