LineWorks SQM

Quality standard improvement on the supply chain

This add-on module for LineWorks SPACE helps you collaborate more closely with your subcontractors and suppliers at production sites distributed throughout the world. By means of electronic Certificate of Analysis (eCOA), you implement, verify, and continuously improve mandatory quality standards for your entire supply chain. This helps you reduce your efforts for incoming quality control (IQC). Or even you can skip this inspection in case of your trusted suppliers. Before the goods are dispatched, your suppliers will send you their quality data in the form of these electronic Certificate of Analysis, online. Automatically, all incoming data will be checked by SQM (Supplier Quality Management). Your suppliers will immediately be notified about SQM's analyses results. Online, they will receive your approval for physical shipment of their goods. By doing so, just goods with proper standards will be in transit that meet both, your product specifications and your quality requirements.

For you and …

  • Accelerate time to market with rapid integration of new members on the supply chain
  • Shorten approval times for new supply chains having available a complete standardized quality report for the entire value stream
  • Just in time delivery
  • Just goods with proper standards are in transit
  • Lower business risk and unnecessary cost by eliminating human errors for data entry and spec checking
  • Save cost and time by reducing or eliminating efforts for incoming quality control (IQC)
  • Share quality data throughout your fab in correlation with your suppliers' quality
  • Improve production yield
  • Increase productivity with fast, easy-to-use Web portal for data upload and notification
  • Enhance quality insight through automated reporting, trend and supplier rating analyses
  • Supplier ratings

… Your Suppliers

  • Save time and money by avoiding costly rejects – deliver only high faultless goods
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with a consistent solution that helps implement mandatory quality standards according to agreements
  • Increase supply chain dynamics
  • Be compliant with individual policies using documented electronic Certificates of Analyses (eCOA)
Quality Management on the Supply Chain
electronic Certificate of Analysis (eCOA)

Electronic Certificates of Analysis (eCOA) to be used for quality assurance on the supply chain

Manufacturers’ quality assurance issues lot or batch-bound Certificates of Analysis to their products actually manufactured. With regard to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance, these certificates are used during transport as goods accompanying documents, especially in foreign trade as well as for security and control regulations. Their content lists the results of performed in-process tests or final inspections for approval, methods, and qualitative outcome. In addition, however, they also confirm that a regulated product meets its product specifications according to individual customer agreements. Without automation, the latter performance requirements can quickly lead to a significant use of your resources.

The solutions LineWorks SQM and LineWorks CQM offer the automated creation of electronic Certificates of Analysis (eCOA) which can flexibly be tailored to your individual customer requirements. The overall goal is the resource-saving drawing up of Certificates of Analysis and prompt availability of quality data on the entire supply chain. Approval processes for complete supply chains and for material movements will be streamlined such that just goods with proper standards will be in transit.

In conjunction with LineWorks SPACE as their backbone, LineWorks SQM and LineWorks CQM can fully show their potentials. The combination with the powerful online SPC system provides much more information, not only for supplier ratings or scorecards. You gain a much larger scope for your analyses, e.g. for correlations and Root Cause Analyses, with rules that, by determination, can trigger immediate countermeasures.

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