Overview of performance indexes for production processes

To guarantee serious SPC, statistics should be examined on a regular basis. LineWorks STARGATE provides an overview of performance indexes for production processes to assess the quality of SPC activities.

STARGATE is a WEB based reporting tool to manage and summarize quality data corporate wide. Stargate provide an overview based on daily, weekly or monthly trends for different modules or products with drill down capabilities to single SPACE charts.

In LineWorks SPACE, thousands of SPC charts are running to control various process parameters during production online. With a growing variety of products, managers and process engineers need to keep a clear overview of the production quality:

  • How good is the quality within the area of responsibility?
  • Which process areas or individual processes do not reach the quality requirements?
  • Which charts are not maintained properly?


  • Faster resolution of production performance issues through fast reporting on production quality
  • Continuous assessment of quality control and identification of corrective action
  • Rapid replication of existing quality standards at new manufacturing facilities
  • Clearer insight for managers and engineers into out-of-range violations or process capabilities
  • Rating and performance of all your SPC activities

Highlights of Release 2.4:

  • Support of external Cp and Cpk calculation
  • All colors in the iGate reporting are now configurable in the nls/ file.
  • All Stargate report pages have now a "Dashboard" button to add them to the iGate dashboard, including the chart and violation paretos.

  • SPC engineering

    • Evolution of yield and violations (of limits, trends, zones…)

  • SPC management

    • Summary of process capability and process stability like cpk and %OOC (out of controle), determination of “reasonable” specification limits and detection of charts with zero %OOC violations

  • SPC maturity

    • Summary chart ratings based on SPC maturity level

  • Proper charts

    • Overview of charts with “reasonable” or “inadequate” control limits

  • Limit changes

    • Summary tables of charts with frequent limit changes

  • Measurement plan

    • Quality control plan for product families

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